Why Other Landed Homes Sell Faster & Near Record Prices 

"PRO Checklist"

The TRUTH about landed property marketing in Singapore! 

BuyLanded.com is specially designed for landed property owners who are finding it increasingly difficult to sell their property! Either they are not attracting the right buyers or they are getting low ball offers.

There are many veterans in the industry who make use of multipe agents or group sytem to showcase your property to the market. Let us share with you why, this strategy will never yield the desired price your property can actually fetch! 

Many at times they even undermine the intelligence of the seller by telling them that they have a large pool of buyers ready to buy. Again, let us share with you why these pool of buyers won't offer you the desired price your property can actually fetch!

Six Mistakes Landed Property Seller Should Avoid

Using Multiple Agents or Group System

Find out why using multiple agents may be detrimental to achieving desired selling price. Additionally, find out how some teams use group systems and why that doesn't yield top dollar for the sellers.

Believing the "large pool of buyers" story

Let us share with you what is behind the large pool of buyer gimmick. How and why real estate salesperson use this to tie down sellers to list with them. Also find out why these pool may not be the right group who will pay top dollar!

Not Assessing language & presentation skill

In this section, we will cover the neccessary technique for you to interview and assess your eventual marketing agent. Why hiring someone you know or hiring someone recommended may cost you dearly if they turn out to be unqualified.

Not Drawing out the Gameplan & Timeline

Once you have shortlisted your marketing agent, the next stage is to find out his marketing plan. We will share with you how a proffessional agent would derive this plan and what questions you should be asking as a seller.

Not Identifying the tools (armoury) they posses

You can interview and select the best agent in the market, but make sure he or she is equipped with the best tools, techniques and strategies to spearhead your selling process. We will share with you tools that most agent wouldn't even have heard about let alone spend to arm themselves as these can cost a bomb!

Marketing the property as an open listing

Finally, once you have selected the right candidate, let him or her carry out the gameplan according to what was discussed and agreed upon. Let us share with you why more than one marketing agent will spoil the soup!

"PRO Checklist"

You Might Be Wondering...

  • Who even made this PRO Checklist?

This checklist is brought to you by the fine folks at BuyLanded. We’re the premiere landed property marketers, who knows the industry well. We can feel the pulse of the market. We never fail to get your property to the right buyers utilizing various tools that is available in our arsenal.

  • Do I have to download the checklist?

Of course YES! What you have read so far is just the tip of the iceberg. The dowload includes a more indepth explanation of the Do's and Don't when exposing your landed property to the market and how to realise the full price potential of your property. 

  • Can I download the checklist & read it later?

We’re glad you asked! You sure can. Just click this link right here, and enter your email address. We will email you the checklist so you can download it, print it, share it with friends or family, and read it at your leisure.

  • Can I engage you guys right now?

We are thrilled and in fact, we’d love that. Let us showcase our track record, our tools, our plan and our timeline to get your place sold. Experience for yourself how different we are from the traditional lot.

Are you Ready to see how the professionals sell landed homes?

Download the "PRO Checklist" or "chat" with us to find out how we do things differently from the rest. Find out why it will take them ages to catch up with us. While the rest rely on old school and outdated methods find out how the BuyLanded team transforms your property to meet its prospective buyer. So go on and download your copy now!

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